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Trading with technical analysis is complex science & without proper knowledge would end up making losses. Nowadays trader has to learn and earn from Stock market.

With the help Technology its ease nowadays but the main concern is selecting right software, right strategy at right time. Our software is providing powerful yet easy to use and Affordable tool for traders.


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We are ready to share our success with others. The key to a successful business lies in creating and providing opportunities to the community, by developing products that are in demand by the public.

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AiM– TechniTrades has features that may help achieve your goals whether you do day-trading or you invest for longer periods. Advanced charting features, built-in indicators and strategies, Powerful intraday scanner, Pop up alerts with Buy Sell Signals, search best stocks for trading.

AiM– TechniTrades is a well established team of developer with combination of Technical Analyst  with embedded so many years of experience to create high-performance trading software for the active trader, application for advanced charting, market analytics and trading system development.

Our product and service, as well as trading education, and professional-level decision support to individual investors and active traders and get well informed in advance.

Our software comes with historical EOD data of Cash, Stocks futures and MCX since their Inception while Intra-day data in available for 200+ highly traded stocks.

Charting and Advance Scanning available in time frame of 1min, 2min, 3min, 5min, 10min,15min, 30min / Hourly/ Daily / Weekly/ Monthly charts with an ease.